Emotions Universe :: Physical model of the Intelligence, the memory and the emotional World.
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Coordinates axes. Instant memory total memory.

We defined in this section the Coordinates Axes of the Universe of the Emotions.
We studied the concept of INSTANT MEMORY and TOTAL MEMORY of an intelligence unit


The Intelligence Units make elections elaborating the proposals that arrive to them through external stimuli. We can represent the Elections (a), (b), (c) of a unit of intelligence in relation to the unique stimulus by means of values o­n three axes of coordinates

If instead of receiving o­nly o­ne type of external stimulus, the intelligence unit receives n stimuli, the values of their elections can be represented o­n n imaginary axes of coordinates, in which each o­ne will indicate values of the elections to that stimulus
A unit of intelligence solely, therefore would have coordinates E(0),E(1),E(2)...E(n) at a particular moment. Each o­ne of the values at time would have three parameterse (a), (b), (c) that would define exactly their election in relation to the stimulus by which it is chosen.

As we saw at the beginning, the values of (a), (b), (c) are correspondent to the basics answers "yes" , "no" and "not making a choice" and it's negative values would be "not to yes", "not to no", "not to not making a choice". Obviously a " Not to yes" it's not the same as a "no" for it implies in the negation of the "yes" and the comply of the "no". The same happens with the meaning of the others negative values of (a), (b), (c).

As we saw in the Coordinate Axes of the Decisions Universe, the real dimensions to each type of stimulus are 5, since the decision time @ of the "i" particles and it's execution time & are the forth and fifth dimensions needed to define your state in an determinate moment . Those two dimensions of real time are going to be necessaries at the time of relating both Universes, however, we overlooked them now to simplify


The successive elections of an Intelligence Unit are determining the values (a), (b), (c)  throughout the time in the axes of coordinates E(0),E(1),E(2)... E(n). At a certain moment those values would determine "position" (1) of that such Intelligence Unit in that very "space" of the Universe of Emotions.



We call Instantaneous Memory the value of the position in the axes of coordinates E(0),E(1),E(2)... E(n) of an Intelligence Unit.


We call Total Memory to the equation of the trajectory in the axes of coordinates E(0),E(1),E(2)...E(n) of an Intelligence Unit.

Nevertheless, we cannot estimate that in addition to the knowledge of the instantaneous memory (that implies in a limited value and reduced energy) a sole Unit of Intelligence might also know all the history of previous choices taken , which means, it knows its own complete trajectory. To store that information takes a lot more energy . Types of Intelligence Units might exist that have sufficient energy as to store a part of their trajectory, but as the amount of energy of a particle is definite, the Total Memory of a Unit of Intelligence also ends and will be limited.

(1). - The position in the axes of coordinates of the Universe of the Emotions "i" can be related to the position in the axes time/space of the Conventional Physics through the values of the coordinates of the units; and as it is explained in the Universe of the Decisions.